LHB Self-diffluent Classifier


Applications: Our air classifiers, which include self-diffluent classifiers and multi-stage classifiers, are mainly used to sort materials by the combination of particle size, density and shape, etc.; and also used to wipe off impurities in powder materials. Specifically, air separators can be used for separating coarse materials in submicron powders and nano-powders. Classification for sticky, low-fluidity substances is also possible.

Working Principle :

Materials are fed into self-diffluent classification system for first time separating: majority coarse materials will be separated and the remained coarse materials will be sorted out in second time classifying. Qualified powders will be collected together and coarse materials will be discharged from dump valves.


Process Flow :
Flow Chart I 

1. Feeding system 2. Main machine of self-diffluent classifier  3. Cyclone 4. Pulsed dust collector 5. Induced draft fan

Flow Chart II

1. Feeding system2. Classifier3. Pulsed dust collector 4. Induced draft fan

Flow Chart III

1. Feeding system 2. Main machine of self-diffluent classifier 3. Induced draft fan 4. Pulsed dust collector 

Features :

1. Low energy consumption: Our air classifiers can save as much as 50% energy comparing to traditional vertical type or horizontal type classifiers.

2. High production efficiency: our air classifier combined the advantages of inertial classification technology and centrifugal classification technology.

3. High precision classification help guarantee that there is no oversize granularity and remains, etc. in finished products.

4. Longer service life: our air classifier has a low rotation speed while classifying materials in the same size, which help reduce the wear of impellers.

5. Full range of specifications: different air classifiers will be offered for your different needs.

6. Can be matched-use with wide variety of grinding mills, like ball mills, Raymond mills, impact mills or jet mills, etc.

7. Eco-friendly: No dust pollution for negative pressure production environment.

8. High automation gives a simple operation and stable performance.

Application cases:

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